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      You have a story to tell.
Let me help you bring it to life.

  • Once upon a time, the story around Dallas/Ft. Worth said that American Airlines ruled the skies. Delta Air Lines wanted to change that. The campaign I created increased Delta’s ticket sales by 20%, month-over-month, every month, during the two years the campaign ran. 


  • Turns out the idea that big banks are better isn’t written in stone. Community & Southern, a small Atlanta bank, was eager to create a new narrative based on personal service. My campaign increased C&S’s deposits by more than 150% in three months. (See samples in work section.)


  • Coca-Cola North America asked for a new national trade campaign that would grab everyone’s attention. The one I helped to create succeeded, recording the highest readership scores in Coca-Cola's history. (See samples in work section.)



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