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One in a series of direct response mailings for a forensic electrical engineer. Highly successful and won an Addy.

Direct mail campaign for a cold storage and transportation logistics company. Signs were metal, though not full size. Response after the first mailing paid for the campaign.

direct mail and promotions

Promotion to further position CSB as a community bank. Click for second piece.

Holiday promotion to push CDs. Click for second piece.

Couple of bumper stickers for any prospects tough enough to use them.

Promotion to remind call center operators that IntelligentHome is now one of four major TWC services.

Series of seven posters designed to position CSB as a community bank. Posters features Ga. poets with the themeline, "Nothing Inspires Us Like Home." Click for all seven.

Direct mail campaign for the 2015 Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas designed to convince last year's attendees to come this year. First shown is a brown paper bag attendees can breathe into when they become overwhelmed. The following series of postcards includes one general and two industry specific.

Brochure for UPS Capital to increase wine shipping/insurance business in Europe.

Holiday card promoting myself. 

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